Server Dark

Server H5 Multiskill (Server Start 7/08/2020 18:00hs Argentina)
Exp: 1 Sp: 1 Drop: 1 Spoil: 1 Manor: x2 Quest Rates: x1.5
*Party Bonus Exp/Sp 1.3
*All Items Craft!
*GM Shop only Potions and consumables
*All Skills Nerfed (Enough for Fair PvP)
*Vital System Increases 15% to 75% Exp
*Custom Instances
*Custom Zones
*Custom Quest (Varka, Ketra, Hellbound, Imperial Tomb, Lunagert)
*Implemented Fishing system
*Custom Clan Skills
*Custom Tattos
*Custom Dyes
*Custom Set Options (Mage, Tank, Healer, etc.)
*Custom System Vip Free Level 1-10 (Each mob 1 point)
*Custom System Rebirth
*Custom Forgotten for specific classes (Example Dagger:+damage with dagger from behind, etc)
*Custom Arguments Weapons/Jewels
*Custom Achievement system
*Daily missions
*No mana potions (Learn Pasives)
*Weapon mastery don't drain mp
*All Raid Boss Stats x10
*Epic Bosses every 3 days
*First month Grade Penalty enabled, after first month disabled
*First month Max Level 85, then more levels will be added
*First month Olympiad and Castle disabled
*First month Max Rebirth 10 per week
*Increased the ammount of mobs in certain zones
*Full client is uploaded for avoid problems